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The Spirit of Tejas

The touch of skilled hands is what brings true magic to any handmade creation. The one who crafts it has the power to transform raw materials into a work of art. Our goods are a testament to the craftsmanship of our passionate artisans who use only the finest materials from far corners of the earth. Every stitch is carefully sewn with love and attention. Each product is an expression of the utmost care and dedication to quality. We use genuine leather, including vegetable-tanned and chrome tanned leather, to create a range of textures that are both supple and durable. From exotic materials gathered abroad to the skilled hands that bring it all together, our handmade treasures redefine what it means to love.

Who is Parker?

Zephan Parker is an incredibly fascinated boot-maker and the owner of Tejas by Parker, a bespoke leather goods company that was inspired by the deep history of custom leatherwork. Zephan, along with his wife and children, have traveled all around Texas to pursue their passion and learn from some of the best boot-makers in the world - from the Kimmel Boot Company in Central Texas to the Wheeler Boot Company in Houston. Through this journey of education, Zephan has made it his mission to instill the same quality, integrity, and craftsmanship into his own work as those he learned from so that his customers can experience true beauty in each item they purchase.






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